God’s Discrepancy?


I  found this article to be very enlightening. There are some issues in life that we contemplate about but never really took the time to read or pray about it. This is one of them. I pray that this article will help shed a bright light on you as you walk in the path of righteousness towards Christ. Be encouraged friends, God didn’t leave you or me here to fend for ourselves alone but here to bring us the truth and live an abundant life. May you continually always seek God’s truth until the day you’re taken up to Heaven. 🙂 Btw, picture is not mine.


By Dr. Charles Stanley

Luke 6:27-31

One area of confusion about war is the apparent discrepancy between Jesus’ words and God’s approval of battle in the Old Testament. Can such dissimilar teachings be reconciled? How can the God who told Israel to destroy the Canaanites be the same one who said, “Love your enemies,do good to those who hate you” (v. 27)?

To clarify this issue, we must distinguish between commands issued to nations and instructions given to individuals. The Lord has bestowed certain responsibilities upon governments. He calls them ministers of
God for good and entrusts them with avenging evil (Rom. 13:4). But to individuals, He says, “Never take your own revenge” (12:19).

People are killed in war, but this isn’t the same as murder. A soldier on the battlefield carries out his duties under the authority of his government (Rom. 13:1-2). Murder, on the other hand, is an individual’s vengeful response to anger or jealousy and is motivated by a desire to destroy another person.

When governments avenge wrong, innocent people are protected, but when individuals seek their own revenge, they destroy themselves and others. In Luke, Jesus was speaking about personal conflicts, not national wars. He knows that loving our enemies is the only way to protect ourselves from bitterness.

Would we prefer to turn the responsibilities around—are we quick to fight personal battles, but slow to affirm the avenging of evil nationally? Sometimes the only way for a country to have peace is to go to war, but we’ll never experience inner peace if we battle with individuals who wrong us.



Popsicle are fun for those who enjoy the sun

Popsicle are yummy when work is all done

Popsicle are the best when eating it with friends at the Oceaaaaaan!

~Happy Wednesday! Another day to be tender heart-ed, gentle, humble and enjoying life this summer. 🙂

You Never Let Go

~I feel like I’m being washed and tossed in the chaos of this ugly world. This song depicts the image in my soul clinging to the hands of God. The God that I fear. The God that I love above all else. I know that He’s not letting go of my fingers. No, He will not let go.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Your perfect love is casting out fear
And even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life
I won’t turn back
I know you are near

And I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
And if my God is with me
Whom then shall I fear?
Whom then shall I fear?

Oh no, You never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
Oh no, You never let go
In every high and every low
Oh no, You never let go
Lord, You never let go of me

And I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
A glorious light beyond all compare
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
We’ll live to know You here on the earth


Yes, I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
Still I will praise You, still I will praise You


Dear Friday


Dear Friday,

Today is Friday. Another day of an 8-5 pm shift. Lunch at noon and back to my desk at 1pm. What does all this mean? What’s my goal? What do I want to accomplish? What do I want to do? Lord, what is Your dream for my life? Please awake what’s been tucked in my heart. Emerge those hopes and dreams that You want to fulfill in me. I feel that today is another ordinary day of living and working. I feel like I’ve drifted off course, away from what God intention for me. I also feel that my heart has grown cold to the things of God lately. Because I know that I’m drifting away from the Lord, I am having a hard time paddling my boat. I’m actually paddling against the current really. It’s hard, nearly impossible to win this water battle. And so, I give up. I sound like a broken record again. But yes, I give up. It’s tiring to travel this river alone. I’m getting back on course again. I’m guarding my heart and mind against attitudes and ideologies that would carry me away from God’s truth. Instead, I’m choosing to paddle my lifeboat towards the Lord by meditating on Scriptures, praying and  living obediently. Practicing discipline will help keep my heart warm towards God.




~I hope you’re inspired today. It’s not too late to get back on course. Thank you Lord for giving me hope. My hope in you never fails. (2 Peter 3:17 and Luke 15:11-32)

~picture is not mine.




Your looks are pleasing to my eyes, I’d like to say.

I can go on forever, about what I think you mean to me and more.

But you are far, far away from my hands and touch, far for me to feel you.

Behind those eyes of yours, there is something that isn’t right.

It’s off; it’s strange, it’s wrong.

You aren’t right inside. You’re not pretty at all really.

In fact, I think I’m afraid of you.

I’m afraid of what makes you who you are.

I’m afraid to know what you’re capable of.

You’re pleasing to the eyes, but you’re not so great inside.

Inside, you burn with malice and insincerity.

Vanity brands you like a product that only sells to the rich and famous.

You’re no one I’d like to be around. You’re totally out of my league.

You’re nothing I want to be.

So please, this is where we stand. I’m not ready for you and I don’t think I’ll ever be.

I want no part of you.

This is where we split. We can’t share the same pathway of life.

Goodbye, Mr. I’ve-got-it-all-going-for-me-kind-of-person.

You’re the exact type of person I’ve been avoiding all my life.

Because It’s a Spiritual Warfare


Today is a tough post, but it has to posted nonetheless. I believe that Christians do not realize the reality of the dark side. In fact, I believe that it’s Satan desire to keep Christians blinded to the reality of the spiritual darkness kingdom – Satan’s Kingdom. He wants to keep us chained to the Christian bubble world of happy endings and to continue to live in obliviousness until the day we die…Hey, I’m not here to scare you, but here to speak the truth to you. If you have time, please read this post. It’s that important to you, the well being of your family, your church families and friends.

Virtually all evangelical Christians and even many liberals agree that Satan is a living being who is responsible for the evil in the world today. Do you know that demons are alive and active in the world today? But Christians bristle, “Hold on there. I believe in the devil, but I don’t buy that stuff about demons.”

Well, How do you think Satan carries on his worldwide ministry of evil and deception? He is a created being. He is not omnipresent, omniscient, or omnipotent. He can’t be everywhere in the world tempting and deceiving millions of people at the same moment. He does so through an army of emissaries (demons, evil spirits, fallen angels, etc.) who propagate his plan of rebellion around the world.

Thus, you have most of God’s people who are spiritually stuck, running in place – expending a lot of energy but getting nowhere fast. Some are painfully aware of their struggles and yearn to be free from the guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, abuse and addictions that are suffocating their souls. Others are largely clueless … even complacent about their struggles … having accepted as normal a subnormal life in Christ, where faith is lived out on Sunday mornings but is largely irrelevant the rest of the week. To this day, there are many believers who are controlled by thought patterns, habits, and behaviors which blocks their spiritual growth in Christ. The sad reality is that, Christians are woefully unprepared to deal with the dark world of Satan’s kingdom or to minister to those who are in bondage to it.

The Bible does not attempt to prove the existence of demons any more than it attempts to prove the existence of God. It simply reports on their activities as if its first readers accepted their existence. Perhaps the best description of the spiritual host which harasses God’s people is found in Ephesians 6:12 :”Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

But wait. There is hope. Remember Jesus? You see, when we receive as our Savior and choose to live for Him, we no longer are slaves to Satan. Why? Because Jesus freed us from our sins. We are no longer in bondage to Satan’s desire but Christ’s instead. When we put on the armor of God we are really put on Christ (Romans 13:12-14). And when we put on Christ we take ourselves out of the realm of the flesh, where we are vulnerable to attack, and we place ourselves within the dominion of Christ, where the evil one cannot touch us. Satan has nothing in Christ (John 14:30), and to the extent that we put on Christ, the evil one cannot touch us (1 John 5:18). He can only touch that which is on his own level. That’s why we are commanded, “Make no provision for the flesh” (Romans 13:14), meaning “Don’t live on Satan’s level.” Remember, Satan is not Omniscient. He doesn’t know everything. He can’t read your mind.

And we, because we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are adopted into the Kingdom of God the Father (Ephesians 1:5) we have the authority in Christ to rebuke Satan and his demons from our life forever. Here are some steps to Freedom in Christ:


Dear Heavenly Father, 

     We acknowledge Your presence in this room and in our lives. You are the only omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), and omnipresent (always present) God. We are dependent upon You for apart from You we can do nothing. We stand in the truth that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to the resurrected Christ, and because we are in Christ, we share that authority in order to make disciples and set captives free. We ask You to fill us with Your Holy Spirit and lead us into all truth. We pray for Your complete protection and ask for Your guidance. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


     In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, we command Satan and all evil spirits to release (name) in order that (name) can be free to know and choose to do the will of God. As children of God seated with Christ in the heaven-lies, we agree that every enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ be bound to silence. We say to Satan and all his evil workers that “you cannot inflict pain or in any way prevent God’s will from being accomplished in (name’s) life.”

I do encourage you to read your Bible, do your daily devotions, grow in Christ and receive only His truths into your life and reject all that is not from Him. Be on alert, because the moment we declared that we’re followers of Jesus Christ, we’re a moving target for Satan and his demons. He is always waiting to bring you down with Him. Satan is the ruler and prince of this world (John 14) and he’s on borrowed time. His mission is to bring as many souls as he can to Hell with him before the second coming of Christ.

~Credits to: Freedom in Christ Ministries, Winning Spiritual Warfare: Steps to freedom in Christ by Neil T. Anderson

A Clear Conscience


~Picture is not mine.

Our culture is so corrupt and debase that the consensus of the majority is not always right. It tends to lead us to death. Hence, having said that, how is your conscience? Is it aligned with God? Please read this article which I found to be very helpful and clear. 🙂

By Charles Stanley

When facing hard decisions, do you pay attention to your conscience? Is trusting this inner voice always wise?

God gave everyone an internal “moral compass.” In fact, reflecting His truth within all men is one way that He reveals Himself to mankind. The conscience is a divine alarm system that warns us of oncoming danger or consequences. Its main purpose is protection and guidance.

But sin warps perception and can lead us astray. So it’s important to understand the difference between following your heart and allowing a clear conscience to help with decisions.

To make a determination, ask, What is the greatest influence on my morality? If the world’s system of what is acceptable has infiltrated your heart, then your conscience cannot be trusted. But if you have allowed God’s Word to permeate and transform your thinking (Rom. 12:2), that inner voice is likely dependable.

The Holy Spirit, along with a divinely informed conscience, guides believers. In order to maintain a healthy internal compass, we should continually meditate on Scripture. The Ten Commandments are a solid basis for morality, and we are wise to internalize them—especially the way that Jesus summarized them: to love God above all else and to love others (Matt. 22:36-40).

What would you say has the greatest impact on your belief system? Is it the truth of Scripture? Or do the world’s standards of right and wrong infect your heart? Almighty God knows what is best for you, His child—and He gave you a conscience to aid in making wise decisions.

~Copyright 2013 In Touch Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. www.intouch.org. In Touch grants permission to print for personal use only.

This love is not right for you…


~picture is not mine.


It’s an empty seat, and you’ve not return

Somewhere along the road, the anticipation has lost its charm

I hope you understand that I can’t hang around

The world’s too big for me to just sit and hope

My lips are sealed, not one word from my mouth

Your secrets are hidden, your truths has no meaning

I’m letting everything go, I’m letting you go

Please understand, I can’t wait around

Goodbye, my love

This love is not right for you baby


by Sue