Popsicle are fun for those who enjoy the sun

Popsicle are yummy when work is all done

Popsicle are the best when eating it with friends at the Oceaaaaaan!

~Happy Wednesday! Another day to be tender heart-ed, gentle, humble and enjoying life this summer. 🙂

He’s whispering in your ears


~picture is not mine.

“Often times, our pain is the result of God prying open our hands and taking something away from us that we’ve been holding on to more than Jesus.” ~ Pastor Tullian Tchividjian

Are you suffering today? Are there impossibilities in your life that is hindering your fellowship with God? Please take heart and don’t faint. Open the eyes of your heart and recognize that God is sovereign.  He knows exactly what He’s doing. Stay calm, close your eyes and open your ears and listen. He is a jealous God, you know. He wants all of your attention. In fact, He’s speaking to you right now. Whispering into your ears saying, “I know the plans for you, won’t you trust me?” But you’re not hearing from Him because you’re distracted or, it’s because you’ve tuned Him out a long time ago.

So, I have a mission for you today. Let’s take a step back and start back scratch. Stop what you’re doing right now, and go, go to your prayer closet and get on your knees and pray. It’s been too long you say, but you’re gonna have to start somewhere. Everyone starts somewhere. You just have to choose that today is that day. Go ahead, God is knocking at your door right now as I type this. Won’t you let Him in?



Road Less Taken


The cycle of temptation, hesitation, and participation is as old as the garden of Eden

Have I figured out what lies I have been living in, since the day I was conceived?


I only pray that my soul will not perish, into the lake of fire

Let not my sins, prohibit me from seeking the truth


It’s always easy to take the easiest route, routes that are easy and comfortable

But I live according to Christs’ expectation, not this world’s


My flesh, may at times, trip and push me down hard to the ground

But I refuse to succumb to the lies of this world, I’m wiser than that


I’m letting the Holy Spirit guide and teach me every wisdom and truth that there is

I know that only Jesus Christ makes sense, and that one day, my spirit will be in Heaven with Him


I’m happy, yes I am. Happy Wednesday everyone. May you find truth and comfort in this poem. God bless.



Through the Darkness

~picture is not mine

By Dr. James Dobson

I’m told that when I was a very small child—maybe two years of age— my family lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and my little bed was located beside the bed of my parents. My father said that it was common during that time for him to awaken at night to a little voice that was whispering, “Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?”

My father would answer quietly, “What, Jimmy? And I would say, “Hold my hand!” My dad would reach across the darkness and grope for my little hand, finally engulfing it in his. He said later that the instant he had my hand firmly in his grip, my arm would become limp and my breathing deep and regular. I would immediately fall back to sleep.You see, I only wanted to know that he was there! Until the day he died, I continued to reach for him—for his assurance, for his guidance—but mostly just to know that he was there.

Then, so very quickly, I found myself in my dad’s place. And I wanted to be there for my children—not just a name on their birth certificate, but a strong, warm, and loving presence in their lives.

You see, a dad occupies a place in a child’s heart that no one else can satisfy. So to all the men out there who are blessed to be called fathers: I urge you to be there for the little ones in your life who call you “Dad.”

Summertime Wonders

               ~picture is not mine.


With nothing between me and this big world

I’m a little bit scared

But oh, does it feels great to be free!

I’m able to run all over, skip, dance, jump and prance!

I gave myself a jump in the air, twirled and ran a few steps

Stopping, I looked around and sniffed the smells of the afternoon

Oh, I’m free to play anywhere I want

I can feel the laughter bubbling up in my throat

It’s coming out, the sound of my laughter, so loud that it’s almost a snort

Oh, I’m rolling down the soft tall grasses on the hill and I’m feeling quite dizzy

But I won’t stop. Evidence of green grass particles stuck in my hair; my clothes stained green.

 I’m free. I’m happy. I’m excited about everything in life.

Summertime laughter, yes, that’s what it is

My laughter.



~poem inspired by the story Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Who is a God like you?

                  ~picture is not mine. 🙂

Who is a God Like You,

pardoning iniquity and passing over…

transgression?…He does not retain

His anger forever, because He delights

in showing clemency. He will again

have compassion upon us; He will

tread our iniquities under foot. You

will cast all our sins into the depths

of the sea. You will show faithfulness

to Jacob and unswerving loyalty to

Abraham, as You have sworn to our

ancestors from the days of old.

~Micah 7:18-20

~ Let this Bible verse from the Old Testament resonate in your conscience today. We serve a heavenly Father that never failed, falter or lied. His promises are forever the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.


~wallpaper is not mine. 🙂

And the world may be longing for you

But I’ll never belong to you

But on a motorbike, with all the city lights

It will blind your eyes tonight

Are you feeling better now?

I should hope not

Your eyes only tell what it likes

Sorry, I will never be yours tonight

I’m running in my heels, catching fireflies at night

My hopes aren’t dashed

I’m setting the rules this time

Catch me if you can



Secular vs Sacred

~picture isn’t mine.

A food for thought:

“A secular rhythm of life makes work primary. We work first, then go from work to vacation. In contrast, a sacred rhythm makes rest primary, moving us from God-ordained rest into our vocation. The sacred rhythm is rest, rise, work rather than rise, work, rest. Let that difference sink in and sway the seat of your soul.” ~ Anonymous

Happy Friday everyone, go outside and enjoy the free sunshine and good weather today. Keep having fun, because with all of life’s responsibilities, we sometimes forget to indulge ourselves. Fun is a requirement this weekend. Make time for fun. Go now!!

Thank you all again for taking the time to read my posts! It makes me happy to know that I have an audience. I will keep writing until my fingers can’t write anymore. 🙂



Bumble Bee Beach

~picture does not belong to me

Life is hard, in Bumble Bee Beach

Everyone gets sunburn, each and every week

It’s just like Julius, to send his friend Sue a text

Expressing his concerns, about the hardship he meets

But you’re a  tall big kid now, Julius … don’t try to resist

You gotta suck it up, and meet those harsh beach waves with a fist

Once you’ve overcome your fear of the Bumble Bee Beach

Text your good friend Sue, and she’ll rush over with a plate of hot pastrami sandwich

I promise ^_^

~happy Sunday Julius!!

Wise Sunday

Being happy has always been the case with everyone,

But happiness does’t happen all the time, it’s situational.

You wanna know a secret? The secret is joy.

Joy in the Lord Jesus Christ is the answer.

The joy of the Lord is everlasting,

Relationship with the Lord is more beautiful than temporal happiness.




~happy Sunday everyone. may you choose Christ above all else so that you may live life abundantly.