You never quit

You never quit, no, You never do, after all that I have done

Your love is so amazing, yes, I feel it like a thump

You my Lord, constantly think of me, when I usually don’t

There’s incredible strength in Your arms, I can’t blink, I won’t

Tenderness and kindness is Your true character

The more I run away, the more You pursue me further

You’ve captured my soul, yes You have, with Your profound truth

Chasing after Your heart is what You desire from me, I’m entrapped by Your woos

I draw from Your strength, when I’m running weak on my faith

Stand firm You say, because in the end, it’s not a waste


~picture is not mine and this poem is a little deep.

Highlights and fame is the name of your game

No one else matters as long as you get your name

Pursue with all your might to get what you want

Compromise your integrity just so you can  flaunt

Beauty is only skinned deep if that’s all you want to see

Inside is as rotten as the trash that has been swept freely

Blinded by the spirit of greed and all the same

Stepping on the souls of other without any shame


Money and fame is good you tell yourself daily

Survival of the fittest is your moral philosophy

Forgot you had a past that has made you the person today

Spontaneous charity events keep your true feelings at bay

Cover up the spots in your souls that has been slowly deteriorating

Nothing else makes sense when you’re steadily achieving

Achieving the goals of your life coveted dreams

Triumph is all you see down this beautiful river stream


Make it last as long as you can in this race

Disfigure your body and face just to keep yourself in place

Compliments of your person is what keeps you going

Run this race with a lethal weapon that has kept you smiling

You don’t care that inside you’re slowly dying

The crown you’ve been wearing is slowly slipping

You’ve reach the game over status and you are losing

So you keep on pretending that you’re still winning

My Journey

~picture is not mine.

& that’s the way it is
& that’s the way it hurts
yes, I still have to move on
now I have to continue on with my journey
it was another hurdle that I had to overcome
i’m waiting for my day
i’m waiting for my turn
i’m waiting for God’s will in everything

A beautiful woman is:

~ picture is not mine.

I want to be a woman of Proverbs 31, she’s beautiful.

She’s humble and sweet and knows her worth

Her Husband is proud of her  & her children love her

Most of all, she fears the Lord above all else

She’s a virtuous woman who doesn’t eat the bread of idleness

She’s always busy and on the go, but never does she forgets her family

With her busyness, she still has time to serve others

She has an unselfish heart, and willing to share with others generously,

A heart of unselfish service that has been transformed by Christ

& last but not least, her heart is right with the Lord

With her trust in the Lord, she’s well equipped for whatever crosses her path

& she can laugh at danger in the face because her confidence in Christ keeps her strong

–this, is what an eternally beautiful woman looks like. She’s ready to serve without complaint.

Serving others makes her happy.

~Scriptures taken from Proverbs 31 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 ^_^

Imagine Heaven

~picture by Thomas Kinkade
Let me embrace Your grace because that’s all I know
I look forward to Heaven, I know no other way
This life I know is quite a mystery and all
Everyone has an opinion, but nothing to show
Your ways are the ways that I want to live O’ Lord
I close my eyes and imagine what Heaven will be like
I see my Jesus waving and calling my name to come
My smiles widen, and my tears are falling as I run
I run to Jesus without any pain or stalling
Like a child, I jump in His arms and kiss Him in the cheeks and laugh
I know it. I know it in my guts that I’m done
I know that my race is finished
My time on earth has expired & am now in Heaven with the Lord of my life.
Oh how beautiful it is…

I Play to Win

                                                         ~picture is not mine. ^_^


Should I quit while I’m ahead of the game?

Don’t want to come face to face, with a losing shame

I can’t sand to quit or default in a competitive fight

Giving up is not in me, I have to defeat this right

Not willing to lose, or defame my name in anyway

But at times though, I do have to bow down & walk away

& recognize my strength, so that I can learn to rise again when I fall

Build up my strategies, and play with witty hands

So let’s do this, I’m ready for another round

Are you ready? Because I’m ready for you

Show me what you got, and I’ll show what I got

But just so you know, I play to win, to win BIG 

God’s Timing

~picture is not mine. 🙂

Dear friends,

Often times, we complain and ask God to hurry up because we don’t have time. We want to rush the situations in our lives so that we can move on to “other” things. We hurry God into doing our bidding, doing it our way and not His. Never do we ask for His advice and seek His guidance but we choose to instead, give Him our advice.  But, this is what God says in Isaiah 55:9 – “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” God’s timing is part of His ways. You may be tapping your watch, but He is never late. He may seem slow, but He is always right on time.

Read God’s Word. Pray to Him for directions and answers. Be still and listen to Him answer you. Our secret weapon as a Christian (follower of Jesus Christ) is prayer. Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees praying. Go ahead, pray, seek God’s face and He will reveal Himself to you. Things will happen, in His perfect timing and not ours. It will work out. You just have to trust and believe that the Lord knows what He’s doing. Remember, it’s His will and not yours.

Be blessed my fellow bloggers.



Dear Heart,

 ~this photo is not mine. 🙂

Dear heart,

Please stop loving him.

You’re hurting yourself and then you’re going to blame yourself afterwards.

Always, you blame yourself afterwards. That’s like your tendency – blaming yourself.

Move along and let yourself heal…



I’m happy that you’re happy

~picture is not mine 🙂

I’m happy that you’re happy

You’ve healed, you overcame your fear

Make it last and don’t forget,

People are treasures you need to keep

Make it an effort to learn from your experiences

Even a little change can make a difference – there’s a sign of hope

I’m happy that you’re okay friend

Good luck and make wise choices today okay



Your Friend Sue

Dead Flower

~picture is not mine.

A smiling flower that was once so sweet
Now lay trampled and dying on the street
Falling in love was a lifetime experience for me
I fell for the wrong person and this I finally see
I was once a flower that was so happy to live
Now I’m quite delusional about what true love should be
Someday, somehow, I’ll finally be hopeful and see the truth
But for now, I have to repair these petals that has been abused