Let’s not …

~picture isn’t mine. ^_^

Let’s not pile up broken dreams

But choose instead to embrace our realities


Dreams do sometime fly in different directions;

All you have to do is catch the vibrant ones and hold on to it


They say that life is full of possibilities in this distorted world

My, what would it be like to catch all our dreams?


But then suddenly, Summer came in its normal fashion

See, let’s face reality and keeps our eyes peeled only for the truth


~picture isn’t mine. 🙂

You were my first love and you stole my heart

The memories are still so fresh, I can’t stop thinking

But now it’s over, you’ve left me for good

Not even a single heartbeat is left for me, from you

Baby, why is it so hard for me to let you go?

You still linger in my heart and I’m still feeling the aftertaste

God, why is it so hard for me to let this man go?

I’m still drifting along these waves of memories

But I know, that eventually he’ll be gone from my heart

I’m waiting for that day to come with great anticipation

God, grant me the strength to live and give others a chance

Sometimes I …

~picture isn’t mine. 🙂


Sometimes I still think of you

It’s strong, it comes so fast


Even though it’s been a while now

I still remember how we met


Maybe, I ask myself maybe

Maybe we can start all over again


But my heart shudders at even the thought

‘Cause it remembers how painful it was


Loving you wasn’t right, but it wasn’t wrong either

Letting you go wasn’t my choice, it was you


Though I was sad then, but the pain eventually subsided

Yeah, it still hurts me sometimes, but I’m okay now


Life still goes on, I’m moving on

I guess, there are those days you pop in my head


I’ve shed enough tears to keep me away from you forever

It just happen that today, I thought of you for no reason

It’s Love

~picture is not mine. and yes, today i’m in a romantic-kinda-feeling-mode. ^_^


Twixs and kicks, forever and a day

It’s got to be love, that makes me this way

Chocolates so fine it makes me want to cry

Nothing in my life, I will ever deny

I love the smell of perfumed vanilla bean

It gives me joy and not to be mean

Kindness is what I have if you’re searching within

Love is amazing, if you embrace and look in

Oh Baby!

Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂

Oh Baby, let me be your girl

I’ll be the best person in your world

Baby, dreams do come true

I’ll be the best you’ll ever know

I won’t let you down in anyway

I’ll make you happy every single day,

If you agree,come on, lets blow some bubbles together

… lol

Attracted to You

I sense the attraction and it’s getting me overworked

Do you feel the same or is it just all in my head?

Imagination, it’s a crazy thing–especially with me

My mind is wondering and it won’t stop unless it’s appease

Every time I close my eyes, I see your wonderful face

The attraction is so strong that I can’t seem to erase

I see you across the room looking over yonder

The look you gave and it got me to wonder

You’re thinking the same thoughts, this I know it’s true

Confess it to me baby because I really want you to

Your body language says it all

Give us a chance, is that so wrong?

I’m walking on cloud nine because of you

This attraction of mine is quite beautiful – it’s true

My heart is skipping erratically, can’t you see?

I’m going crazy baby answer me please

It’s so intense, it’s a feeling that’s going to blow

Take a chance baby and see where it goes

Let’s take this chance, it’s time to see

What this feeling means to you and me

I am captivated by your charm

I’ve only got good intentions and I mean no harm

I can’t promise you forever because I can’t see ahead

Let’s do this baby and see how far where it will lead

Money Money Money Money

Let’s spend spend on the weekends
Don’t know nothing about savings and such
All I want is everything right now—this instance!
Parties, drinks and take-outs is so much fun
Shopping spree galore to my heart’s content
The future, who even things about that right now?
I’m only living the now, forever seem too far away
Medical, dental and savings…what is that?!
Nothing worries me, nothing ever fazes me
I’ve got everything under control, I’m the king of this world!
~picture isn’t mine. 🙂

This is love


This love is sweet like chocolate marble cake

Soft and moist, I’m always ready for more intakes

It’s a consumption that I will never cease to tire

I love you more than I can think possible—hmm why?

My heart does crazy flips when it hears your voice

Can’t believe I’m this crazy, man, do I have choice?

It’s okay, it is a sweet taste that’s perfected, I can handle this

Enjoy this thrill and continue in this sugary beautiful bliss


~Picture is not mine, I just added the quote. 🙂


Daily deeds of kindness will not go wrong

It will only make your heart smile


Have you ever read a bedtime story to a child?

Or have bought lunch for a friend lately?


Mary, Jesus’ friend, poured oil all over His feet

and wash it with her hair; it was a sign of love for a friend


There’s a child with no dad in your neighborhood that has never been to the movies or a ball game,

Would you be willing to take him or her out for a movie or ball game night?


They don’t have money for drinks or popcorn

and all you get from them is a cheerful smile of joy


Have you ever bought coffee for a stranger at Starbucks?

Or look at the cashier in the eye and said hello to them by their first name?


Have you ever loan money to someone and never expect it back?

Remember, when you lend to others, God will repay you back


Acts of kindness, it never goes awry

When was the last time you thought of someone else?


Humility is what counts in the end

Love others more than yourself, God sees your heart and intentions

English Grammar

~picture isn’t mine. 🙂

Sigh, the American English grammar challenge

I never thought I’d be this quite imbalance

Always abusing my uses of all the grammar

Sentence structure that boggles my every wonder

Composition so crucial to get my point across

Sometimes I wonder why I ever need to compose