After the fight is over

By Dr. James Dobson:


It’s not the fights that should worry married couples; it’s what happens when the battles are over.

Almost all husbands and wives experience conflict from time to time, which is not necessarily unhealthy to their relationships. A verbal spat that stays within reasonable limits can open the windows and give the couple a chance to vent frustrations and release some steam. The important question, however, is what happens after a fight is over? In healthy relation- ships, a period of confrontation ends in forgiveness, in drawing together, in deeper respect and understanding, and sometimes in sexual satisfaction. But in unstable marriages, conflict is never entirely resolved. This is a very dangerous situation, where the consequences of one battle begin to overlap with a prelude to the next. It’s a good idea for couples to take a close look at what happens in the aftermath of confrontation.

Are there things that y you’ve said or done that have grieved your partner? Do you need to ask forgiveness for attacking the self-worth of your spouse instead of focusing on the issues that divided you? Are there substantive matters that haven’t yet been resolved? Deal with them quickly before they can fester and erode the relationship from within.

The apostle Paul understood this principle clearly. He instructed us not to let the sun go down on our wrath (Ephesians 4:26). That’s great marital advice.


Happy Friday everyone. I hope this article will help you in your relationship with your spouse or even your family and friend. It applies to every Christian who is striving to walk in Faith with their eyes fixed on Jesus. God bless you my beloved! Have an awesome weekend.  ^_^

Road Less Taken


The cycle of temptation, hesitation, and participation is as old as the garden of Eden

Have I figured out what lies I have been living in, since the day I was conceived?


I only pray that my soul will not perish, into the lake of fire

Let not my sins, prohibit me from seeking the truth


It’s always easy to take the easiest route, routes that are easy and comfortable

But I live according to Christs’ expectation, not this world’s


My flesh, may at times, trip and push me down hard to the ground

But I refuse to succumb to the lies of this world, I’m wiser than that


I’m letting the Holy Spirit guide and teach me every wisdom and truth that there is

I know that only Jesus Christ makes sense, and that one day, my spirit will be in Heaven with Him


I’m happy, yes I am. Happy Wednesday everyone. May you find truth and comfort in this poem. God bless.




I’m still up and about, thinking about what may come

I’ve come to the conclusion, that I am nowhere done

On my bed, staring up at my glow-in-the-dark sticker-ed ceiling

I got a feeling that nothing’s changed yet, not one thing


It’s only logical to think, that I am the way that I am

But this me I see, sometimes can get out of hand

I’m still unclear about what my future holds

I think it’s about that time, to start singing new song


I’m going to sing a song, that is different from the rest

A song with meaningful lyrics, that will put my dreams to the test

Stretch out my wings and not be afraid embark on a new path

I’ will pray for God’s blessings, so that I won’t receive His wrath

~picture is not mine.


~picture is not mine.


Calm the oceans of my fear

Calm my spirit, so I won’t be in tears

Hear me out, and listen to my life

I want to be happy and make it out alive

My frailty is obvious, to a certain extent

Please hold my hand & walk with me, I want to see what’s next




Through the Darkness

~picture is not mine

By Dr. James Dobson

I’m told that when I was a very small child—maybe two years of age— my family lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and my little bed was located beside the bed of my parents. My father said that it was common during that time for him to awaken at night to a little voice that was whispering, “Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?”

My father would answer quietly, “What, Jimmy? And I would say, “Hold my hand!” My dad would reach across the darkness and grope for my little hand, finally engulfing it in his. He said later that the instant he had my hand firmly in his grip, my arm would become limp and my breathing deep and regular. I would immediately fall back to sleep.You see, I only wanted to know that he was there! Until the day he died, I continued to reach for him—for his assurance, for his guidance—but mostly just to know that he was there.

Then, so very quickly, I found myself in my dad’s place. And I wanted to be there for my children—not just a name on their birth certificate, but a strong, warm, and loving presence in their lives.

You see, a dad occupies a place in a child’s heart that no one else can satisfy. So to all the men out there who are blessed to be called fathers: I urge you to be there for the little ones in your life who call you “Dad.”



What would you think, if you were to see my tears?

Would you claim the right to know all my fears?

You search and you can’t find

I’m not letting you see through this my mind of mine

These thoughts of mind belong only to me

Permission is granted, only if I decide to let you see