Dead Man

Dead man walking, without a soul

He sees nothing, has nowhere to go

Attempts to struggle, yet it isn’t to be

Drown in miseries, but wants to flee

Is this the reality of one like me?

A stubborn heart, that has no feelings

Yes, yes, he knows that things will continue to flow

But today, he’ll sit here and ponder what isn’t so

Your Soundboard

Like a soundboard, I’ve been listening  to you very well

It’s a broken record that is still playing on its own will

Contemplating about your half-truths makes me sad

Could you just stop & face reality & stop being so mad?

You blame everyone, but never do you blame yourself

Advices were given, but you just wouldn’t take the deal

It’s over my friend; I can’t listen to you anymore

I’ve got other friends who think highly of me, and more

Sorry, I can no longer be your generous soundboard, I have to leave

I’m done speaking to a person who won’t accept sound advice


~picture is not mine, i just added the wording. hehe. ^_^

Like a simese cat that likes to plot and plan

I’m going to be that girl, who’s always on your mind

I’ve tricks under my sleeves, that will blow you away

I have no bad intentions towards you baby, I’m here to stay

Play my heart perfectly, and straight to your heart

No thwarts to my plan, can tear us both apart

Look out baby, I’m making my way towards you

Brace yourself baby, I’ve got my eyes set on you

King David

~picture isn’t mine, i just added the Bible verse. ^_^

Like King David, 

may my life reflect a life of prayer

To live a prayer-filled life

Nothing is worth more than this

I have a hope in Christ that makes me complete

The Lord is my rock and shelter

May I be a woman after God’s heart

Let me pursue it diligently and willingly

May I be like King David, whose heart was always chasing after God

It’s Time

~picture is not mine. 🙂

You’ve let your heart wander off for far too long
It’s time to take back what has been wronged
Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for what is to come
Facing the pain that has crippled you for years will be so right, not wrong
Verbalize your pain and scream it out loud without  being afraid
Just know that this will dig out the roots, that has been held firm for years
Be brave my dear because you know that this will bring changes
If you don’t face it now, how will you learn to live and grow?
Do it, do it now so that you can be free from all your pain
Tell your mind to let go of all the past and forget the ones that hurt you
It’s time to take back your life with a firm standard
God bless you my dear

Old Tale of Faith and Reason

~Picture is not mine. Read Ezra 8:21-34 from the Old Testament for references to this post. In addition, this exact devotional reading was taken from my Women’s Devotional Bible.

Faith and reason have been compared to two travelers. Think of Faith as a woman who can walk 20 or 30 miles at a time without flagging, while Reason is a child who can only muster the strength to go two or three miles. One day Reason said to Faith, “Oh, Faith, let me walk with you.” But Faith replied, “Oh, Reason, you can never walk with me!” Nevertheless, they set out together. When they came to a deep river, Reason said, “I can never ford this,” but Faith waded through it, singing. When they reached a high mountain, Reason despaired. But Faith carried Reason on her back. The writer of this old tale said, “Oh, how dependent upon Faith is Reason!”

Why has God made faith the indispensable ingredient in our journey of faith? Perhaps so that we will become totally dependent upon Him. Reason tells us to stay put. Faith calls us to step out, ressuring us that “nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).

so, take a step of faith and follow where He leads. He will surely guide you to the next step…and the next. You’ll discover that faith will lead you where reason may not. ^_^

Sing you a song :)

~picture isn’t mine. 🙂

Today is the day that I shall sing

Let my voice be graceful, of course I’ll sing

Ambitions are for those who give a care

Just give me a song and I will share

This voice of mine is not so fine

But the words from my heart are genuine and kind

Song so pretty it makes you wonder

What life would be like if God wasn’t our creator

Songs are heard so that we can share

Take a moment and be still…so that eventually you will care

God is so smart that He created voices

Soft or harsh…what matters is the hearts choices

Simple words that will reach your ears

Sing you a song that’ll reach your soul for years

Let me sing you a song so dear

Hopefully you’ll see that these lyrics of mine can relase all your fears

Words so powerful that you’ll want to keep

Have faith and believe that music is here for keep

Can’t Hide, What’s Inside

~picture is not mine. ^_^

You can’t hide, what you have inside

It’s just one of those things, that just doesn’t fly

The words from your mouth, truly reveals

The truth that’s been hiding, all that you have concealed

Good or bad, everything is out and about

Take a moment to think, before you speak out loud

Can’t take back those words, you’ve already spoken

There is no such thing as a secret, that has not been cracked open

Words do hurt deeply, when they’re spoken carelessly

Meant it or not, your heart revealed it’s true feelings

You best believe, that there are secret watchers

Don’t need no drama, don’t need no followers

The state of one’s heart condition, can tell all tales

Make sure your story doesn’t add up, to be superficial and stale

Stand up in integrity and be careful with what you feed into your mind

Learn from your past mistakes, and start seeing others in kind

What you take in, is usually what you’ll project

Words subconsciously spoken, can leave you destroyed and dejected

No one who cares

My emotion has stopped, nothing else make sense

Everything that I aim for is blocked, I am completely tense


Told to heed words of wisdom, so that I should be safe

But nothing wholesome is left, not even a trace


My heart is bleeding; I can’t seem to stop this pain

Safe from what I ask myself, again and again?


Safe from the lack of motivation, and the lack of dreams

But the environment I’m left in, leaves me no sanity


Images obscured, and no fine line define

Like a dark valley path, that has no way, I feel confine


Dead end is blatant, when I try to get out

Help, help me, I don’t know where the light begins


Everyone around me, has no face or a voice

Possibilities are many, but there are no choices


No one seems to care, if I die or drown

Drowning in this misery, with an ugly upside down crown


I’m stuck, I’m glued, there’s no way out for me

Help me to understand, so that I’d be out of this misery


Trying to make sense of things, so that I can hang in this game so tight

Illusions are met, and all I need are honest answers, not a fight


Everywhere I turn, I see growing cancers

Ugly, obscured death, that speaks louder and louder


Cancers of hopelessness, and impossibilities of plenty

Quick quick, get me out of this tragedy


I’m sinking in this forbidden quick sand

I need a rope to climb me, out of this madness that I don’t understand


How can I show my face to the world, and keep up the status quo?

The girl who fell down, and never found her way through


My brown skin, is only the color that you see

Did you not look deeper inside, aside from the color of me?


 My ignorance is gaining power, and it’s clouding my judgment

I can’t see the pain, that I’ve allowed to take over me


Allowed it to fester on my, personal character trait

I’ve wasted time and now, I have nothing left but complaints


Looking in the mirror, and I see myself for what I am

I’ve been feeding on poison of lies, and now I’m left empty again


All I needed was someone, to direct me in my path

But all I got were nonsense gibberish, of what I can’t