You Need A Change

~wallpaper is not mine. 🙂


If I may, I’d like to challenge your old assumption;

‘cause your stories are getting old


Would you prefer that I be apathetic until the end?

No, I can’t stop myself from stating the truth


Passively, you believe that things are going to be okay

Yet, you never took the first step for a change


Don’t complain to me, that you’re depressed

You just simply never took the time to care for anything


Only for yourself, that you do give a damn

I’m just stating the obvious; don’t blame me


You let what flow out of you such ugliness, it’s frightening

Call me a critic, but I state what I see


Are you going to change for the better?

If not, then I’m wasting my time

Build Up

~picture is not mine. 🙂


You build me up by how you respond

You probably don’t know, but I feel that way

I value your friendship


I’m not here to tear you down, but instead, lift you up

I want us to add to each other, as the years progresses

Do you understand what I mean, friend?


Let’s share our mutual growth together

Reveal to each other, how the Word of God transformed us

I’m all about seeing you grow in Him


I’m excited that you’re moving forward

Seeing how you respond to God speaking to your heart, gives me a high

It rejuvenates me to want to be a better person and friend



Your friend Sue

To Grasp

~picture not mine.


Did you hear, Did you hear?

It’s okay, God will take care of you

But I’m still broken

Well, stop crying and get yourself repaired!

Actually, that’s quite a good idea

And you know what, I’m okay

I just had to let go of some junk in my life

Leave all the rest behind and rejoice in the Lord

It won’t be easy, but I think I’ll make it

I’m saved


~wallpaper is not mine. 🙂

And the world may be longing for you

But I’ll never belong to you

But on a motorbike, with all the city lights

It will blind your eyes tonight

Are you feeling better now?

I should hope not

Your eyes only tell what it likes

Sorry, I will never be yours tonight

I’m running in my heels, catching fireflies at night

My hopes aren’t dashed

I’m setting the rules this time

Catch me if you can



Colorful Beats

                              ~wallpaper is not mine.

Techno is something that likes to disturb my ears

I listen to it nonstop, without hearing any lyrics

Its beat makes my brain jump back and forth

Before I know it, I’m in a trance like gawking horse

Music that doesn’t seem to make any sense to me, more like a wall

But I’m still drawn to it, like as if it’s my life saver and all

The bopping of my head causes my limbs to rattle and jingle

Shessh, will I ever get out of this crazy Techno trance fever?



~Late night randomness, and yeah, I’m still bopping my head to the sound of Techno/Trance that’s blaring from my radio box. 🙂

Old Wounds

It’s always best, to leave things to rest

Remembering only hurts me … very hard

My head starts spinning, all these old old tales

And I’m try my hardest, not to feel these ugly old wounds

It’s absurd how some stories, keep replaying in my head

Causing me to feel, what that has already been buried dead

I’ll tell you now, old wounds, I hate you with a passion

You won’t get the best of me, because I chose to release you

Be gone, this girl is walking ahead, she’s oblivious to your existence, she’s not turning around…  *whistles*

Secular vs Sacred

~picture isn’t mine.

A food for thought:

“A secular rhythm of life makes work primary. We work first, then go from work to vacation. In contrast, a sacred rhythm makes rest primary, moving us from God-ordained rest into our vocation. The sacred rhythm is rest, rise, work rather than rise, work, rest. Let that difference sink in and sway the seat of your soul.” ~ Anonymous

Happy Friday everyone, go outside and enjoy the free sunshine and good weather today. Keep having fun, because with all of life’s responsibilities, we sometimes forget to indulge ourselves. Fun is a requirement this weekend. Make time for fun. Go now!!

Thank you all again for taking the time to read my posts! It makes me happy to know that I have an audience. I will keep writing until my fingers can’t write anymore. 🙂



You think you’re fine

~picture is not mine.


Arrogance you are, when really you’re blind

Foolish are you, when you think you’re fine


Displays of false emotion, is what you do best

Self-importance is you, when you’re put to the test


Prideful you are, with the possessions you deem important

Success causes you to puff up your shoulders, with such great confidence


Haughtiness  is you, it makes your heart pump

Stepping all over others, causing them to jump


You think your life’s good, ‘cause you’ve made it to the top

All eyes are on you, no one can make you flop


But deep down inside, you’re as lonely as bird with broken wings

Searching and searching, for the next best thing


You’ve out-run all your family, and closest friends

Your triumphs are bittersweet, because you’re nowhere near the end


You’ve gain so much, yet you’ve lost everything

Contentment is not you, when greed and arrogance got the best of things

To make clear

~picture is not mine.
The sound of grace, what is it like? Is it as beautiful as it sounds? 

Can it sweeten my soul with words of life?

Do you hear my cries of pain?


Should I control my emotions just to stay sane?

Or perhaps speak my mind with a loud shout


Considering the options that I may face,

I’m afraid of being hurt and I don’t need anyone


Willing to give up and succumb to my flesh

Until I feel it’s too late to appeal to any justice


Am I willing to live like this? I ask myself

No, this is not me, this is not Sue


I am a fighter, I am a warrior

I refuse to live a life of hopelessness


 Words of  life, being spoken into my life

The desire to change has overwhelmed me


Yes, I choose life instead of death

I choose the positive over the negative

 I am a survivor. I am happy to live and move forward…

Bumble Bee Beach

~picture does not belong to me

Life is hard, in Bumble Bee Beach

Everyone gets sunburn, each and every week

It’s just like Julius, to send his friend Sue a text

Expressing his concerns, about the hardship he meets

But you’re a  tall big kid now, Julius … don’t try to resist

You gotta suck it up, and meet those harsh beach waves with a fist

Once you’ve overcome your fear of the Bumble Bee Beach

Text your good friend Sue, and she’ll rush over with a plate of hot pastrami sandwich

I promise ^_^

~happy Sunday Julius!!