The Movement Continues…

The belief of French philosopher Voltaire: The Bible and Christianity would pass within a hundred years. He died in 1778. The movement continues.

The pronouncement of Friedrich Nietzsche in 1882: “God is dead.” The dawn of science, he believed, would be the doom of faith. Science has dawned; the movement continues.

The way a Communist dictionary defined the Bible: “It is a collection of fantastic legends without any scientific support.” Communism is diminishing; the movement continues.

The discovery made by every person who has tried to bury the faith: The same as the one made by those who tried to bury its Founder: He won’t stay in the tomb.

The facts. The movement has never been stronger. Over one billion Catholics and nearly as many Protestants.

The question. How do we explain it? Jesus was a backwater peasant. He never wrote a book, never held an office. He never journeyed more than two hundred miles from his hometown. Friends left him. One betrayed him. Those he helped forgot him. Prior to his death they abandoned him. But after his death they couldn’t resist him. What made the difference?

The answer. His death and resurrection.
For when he died, so did your sin.
And when he rose, so did your hope.
For when he rose, your grave was changed from a final residence to temporary housing.

He Chose the NailsThe reason he did it. The face in your mirror.

The verdict after two millenniums. Herod was right: there is room for only one King.


~picture is not mine and Max Lucado is one of my favorite Christian authors. happy Friday to all who is reading my blog right now. God bless you. ^_^

The Fast Life

Living the fast life, this I can see

Cool gadgets and all ,that break into pieces

How do you treat the girl of your choice?

Throw her away like all of your other toys?

Your mindset is screwed,

Nothing’s romantic about being used

Understand her differences and listen to her stories

Maybe she’s the one, that can soothe your worries

Give her a chance to understand your individuality

She could be the love, that can replace your complexity

Stop this casual attitude of yours; it could get you into big trouble

Being alone is the worst feeling in the world

I wanna live as the good guy

I wanna live as the good guy
there’s too much hate being the bad guy
but did i ever tell you that it’s not easy
not easy to be the good guy sometimes
so much expectation and none to give
Oh, how dreadful to live this way
never to relax or be carefree
eyes are watching my every move
must i stick to what is right every time
if i don’t, eyes are watching, waiting for me to falter 

~Inspired by the movie Transformers and American X
~picture isn’t mine.

You Are Mine

I will come to you in the silence,

I will lift you from all your fear.

You will hear my voice,

I claim you as my choice,

Be still and know I am here.


I am hope for all who are hopeless,

I am eyes for all who long to see.

In the shadows of the night,

I will be your light,

Come and rest in me.


Don’t be afraid, I am with you.

I have called you each by name.

Come and follow me;

I love you and you are mine.


I am strength for all the despairing,

Healing for the ones who dwell in shame

All the blind will see,

The lame will run free,

And all will know my name.


I am the world that leads all to freedom,

I am the peace the world cannot give.

I will call your name,

Embracing all your pain,

Stand up, now walk, and live!

~ anonymous


It’s moments like these, which make me think

I’m reflecting back to what I was before

I can choose to think about all my mistakes

Or I can choose to move forward with a smile

It’s amazing what the human life can endure

Hope is something that keeps me going and more

I’m thankful for friends who cared enough to correct me

I’m nobody perfect, I’m a survivor

I’m Sue.


Thank you WordPress bloggers for reading my thoughts. ^_^

I don’t know

All my life I’ve looked for you

Now you’re here, I don’t know what to do

I’m dumfounded and speechless don’t you see

Do you hear my heart beat; so loud and clear to me

Give me a sign that I can approach you

But if you’re not interested, don’t lead me to you

My heart is frail and it’s not emotionally healthy

It’s been damaged before by a ruthless heart junky

Don’t give me hopes if you can’t deliver baby

I’ll keep searching for him and he’ll believe in me


~picture is not mine.


Maybe it’s love that makes me this way
Maybe I feel too much about everything and that’s why i get hurt sometimes
Maybe I’m too transparent and my honesty scares others away, cuz i suck at lying
Maybe I like to discuss about the books i have read verses gossiping about others
Maybe I’m too passionate about the God i serve and i live out my faith
Maybe i wear my heart out on my sleeves, but i’m excited that i have the ability to love at all
Maybe i care too much about others that i’d lose sleep over them or even dream of them
Maybe i’m a prude who is proud of her purity
Maybe i just like to randomly laugh out loud and just be me all the time
Maybe i am wrong, but i do accept corrections and is willing to change
& maybe I like to keep a diary and journal out my feelings about everything that’s in me
But do know this, i’m happy, i really am happy and i like these ‘maybes’ about me
~picture isn’t mine. 🙂

some days

Some days I don’t think I can make it

But the Holy Spirit woos me to make it

Fresh mercies fall upon me every single moment

The God almighty hasn’t forgotten about me today

My pockets are full of my favorite Bible verses

I don’t think I can go a day without praying

The God of Heaven bows down and meets with me

Oh how joyful it is to know that my Father in Heaven treasures me

~picture isn’t mine.

My Life

Sometimes I wish, memories of you don’t exist
I often wondered why these thoughts persist
Only a fool will tell you what’s on her mind
Uncertainties certainly ruin the path of this kind
Mystified by my actions that don’t make any sense
I can’t control these thoughts of mine, I’m feeling intense
However, yes, truly at last things are beginning to heal
I now continue to live in perfect zeal
No more memories of you to haunt me
I’m more concern about those who love and cherish me instead