That’s it, I’m done.


My thoughts are not your thoughts,

My hope and your hope are totally different,

So why are we together?

Let’s end it now before the hurt deepens any further,

I don’t want to see you cry,

Likewise, you wouldn’t want to see my cry,

Let this ending be a life learning lesson,

Don’t make promises you can’t deliver,

Don’t borrow what you can’t return,

It’s tricky the way love works,

You can’t nurture what doesn’t want to be fed,

You can’t water what’s already dead,

Stop it, just stop it,

This is it, it’s too painful,

You’re breaking my heart,

That’s it, I’m out, and I’m gone,

I’m done. I can’t handle this.

~It’s easy to walk away from our hurt, and that my friend, is how the world operates. Our attitude is, “If this person can’t give me what I need or deserve and can’t make me happy, then I’m ditching him or her.” But why were you in the relationship in the first place? Doesn’t that make you selfish brat? You better be careful what you say or do to someone, because I guarantee you, it will bite you back so hard that it hurts emotionally and physically.

~photo is not mine.


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