Living for the world


~Picture is not mine.

Not willing to admit that sometimes I let the world dictate who I should be

When really, I already know who I am, and that is, Jesus Christ lives in me

I allowed the sadness of this world trickle through the cracks I allowed opened

Forgive me Lord, when I spend countless hours trying to fit into this world so often

When the world catches my eyes and I’m tempted to walk away from You,

Yell in my dreams so that I can wake up from this deadly trap, I’m blindly walking through

Oh Father in Heaven, catch this girl who is easily tempted by the desires and beauty of this world

Slap my spirit awake, so that I will choose to walk in freedom and live  instead for what You promised me O Lord

By Sue

~It’s been a while since I wrote a poem. This poem is written from the bottom of my broken heart, a heart that I allowed broken because I chose to shift my eyes from Jesus and instead allowed it to linger into the desires of this world.  May  you all be awaken from your misplaced desires and choose again, to walk with the One and only true thing in our life which our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.


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