Strip Me


~wallpaper is not mine. 🙂

“The trip to the cross is not one you take with family and friends. It’s a lonely journey with just you and Jesus. He strips away everyone and everything you’ve depended on so that you’ll learn to rely only on Him. While we’re at the cross, He uncovers layer after layer of self-deception until we begin to see ourselves as He does. Soon our self-centered-ness, inadequacy, and failures are laid bare.” ~Charles Stanley

All alone on the road to recovery,

I lay myself open and vulnerable to Christ,

This life I have was never mine in the first place,

Please, Lord, remove all of me and give me only You,

Distracted I feel at times, when my eyes shift,

Take me back to where I belong – at the Cross, at the feet of Jesus,

I don’t claim any rights to be loved or cherished,

My sins already justifies my need for a Savior,

Only in Christ can I be at peace,

Strip me Lord, of all that I hold on to,

And to instead, cling on to you for eternity



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