Purity – food for thought


-photo is not mine.

Not that we won’t make mistakes, or that it will be easy, or that we’ll be able to successfully insulate ourselves from our society’s ubiquitous sexual suggestions and opportunities. But here’s the kicker: we don’t value sexual purity because we need to jump through hoops to please God. We value sexual purity because we love God. He first loved us, and has rights over our bodies by virtue of His salvific work in our lives. But when we love somebody, we want to please them, and honor them. It’s not a law, or a rule; otherwise, the recipient of our affection wouldn’t know whether our love was genuine. With sexual purity, we not only please God by acknowledging that His ways are best, but we also get to benefit from the rewards inherent in them.

We evangelical singles may be on the front lines in our culture’s war on sex. But God has already won the war for us, through Christ.

Whose bride, as a matter of fact, we believers are.

How’s that for incentive?

-99.5 KKLA Article

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