Stolen Hopes

Gladiolus flower1

What would it take for you to believe?

That the Lord your God is alive

Doubts and sadness linger in your heart

Won’t you let the God of the universe repair your brokenness?


Jesus never promised a happy-go-lucky lifestyle

Deep down inside, you’re still angry at Him for hurting you

You can blame everyone and everything but yourself

But I know, that deep down, you want to set free


What’s robbing you of your joy?

Is hope something that is aloof to you?

One day you say, you’ll live again and things will change

But only to find out, you never took a step to change


My dear, dear child of God

The Father in Heaven longs to hold you in His arms

He yearns to talk and listen to you when you’re down and out

Won’t you let yourself hope and let Him in your heart while you’re still alive




4 thoughts on “Stolen Hopes

    • wittypixaday says:

      You’re welcome! I pray that Jesus Christ will always be the center of your life. May you fall asleep with Him on your mind and wake up with Him on your mind. 🙂

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