How are you?

How are you today?


~picture is not mine.

How are you feeling today? It’s been a rough few weeks hasn’t it? I only pray that your burden is getting lighter my dear friend. Since last weeks shooting incident in Connecticut,  you’re probably wondering is there any hope left in humanity? Were we made to live on this earth just to hurt one other? What is going on in the world you ask. Is our purpose in life destined to be so miserable? Is hate all that is left? I hope not friends. In fact, I know not. You see, Christ paved a way for all of us to be out of this horrible mess. We weren’t made to be stuck in sadness or sin. We were made to bond with God the Father, to honor Him and please Him. And you know what, Christ made that possible for us. Through His sacrificial death, we are free from sadness and depression and evilness. Our hope is in Him. Only he can bend our broken hearts, only He can wipe away your tear saturated face, only He can comfort you and put you to a peaceful sleep tonight with a knowledge knowing that things will be okay the next day.

If your hurting, please seek refuge in Him. His Words are life. His awesome strength is strong enough to carry you through all of your burdens. Please, don’t isolate yourself. Get yourself healed and be prayed for. And once your feeling better, go out there and pray for someone else. Bless them with your powerful prayers and support.

Have a happy Christmas everyone!!

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”        -Luke 2:11


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