Road Less Taken


The cycle of temptation, hesitation, and participation is as old as the garden of Eden

Have I figured out what lies I have been living in, since the day I was conceived?


I only pray that my soul will not perish, into the lake of fire

Let not my sins, prohibit me from seeking the truth


It’s always easy to take the easiest route, routes that are easy and comfortable

But I live according to Christs’ expectation, not this world’s


My flesh, may at times, trip and push me down hard to the ground

But I refuse to succumb to the lies of this world, I’m wiser than that


I’m letting the Holy Spirit guide and teach me every wisdom and truth that there is

I know that only Jesus Christ makes sense, and that one day, my spirit will be in Heaven with Him


I’m happy, yes I am. Happy Wednesday everyone. May you find truth and comfort in this poem. God bless.



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