Summertime Wonders

               ~picture is not mine.


With nothing between me and this big world

I’m a little bit scared

But oh, does it feels great to be free!

I’m able to run all over, skip, dance, jump and prance!

I gave myself a jump in the air, twirled and ran a few steps

Stopping, I looked around and sniffed the smells of the afternoon

Oh, I’m free to play anywhere I want

I can feel the laughter bubbling up in my throat

It’s coming out, the sound of my laughter, so loud that it’s almost a snort

Oh, I’m rolling down the soft tall grasses on the hill and I’m feeling quite dizzy

But I won’t stop. Evidence of green grass particles stuck in my hair; my clothes stained green.

 I’m free. I’m happy. I’m excited about everything in life.

Summertime laughter, yes, that’s what it is

My laughter.



~poem inspired by the story Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

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