You Need A Change

~wallpaper is not mine. 🙂


If I may, I’d like to challenge your old assumption;

‘cause your stories are getting old


Would you prefer that I be apathetic until the end?

No, I can’t stop myself from stating the truth


Passively, you believe that things are going to be okay

Yet, you never took the first step for a change


Don’t complain to me, that you’re depressed

You just simply never took the time to care for anything


Only for yourself, that you do give a damn

I’m just stating the obvious; don’t blame me


You let what flow out of you such ugliness, it’s frightening

Call me a critic, but I state what I see


Are you going to change for the better?

If not, then I’m wasting my time


2 thoughts on “You Need A Change

  1. Ah, what a nice and peaceful way of saying the things that I’ve felt bubbling inside of me sometimes! Not so much these days, which means perhaps that I have chosen to be around people who do indeed help themselves. This is very powerful, thank you for sharing!

    • wittypixaday says:

      You are very welcome! I feel that in life, you’re a better person once you learn to recognize that being corrected only builds your character and not the other way around. 🙂

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