You think you’re fine

~picture is not mine.


Arrogance you are, when really you’re blind

Foolish are you, when you think you’re fine


Displays of false emotion, is what you do best

Self-importance is you, when you’re put to the test


Prideful you are, with the possessions you deem important

Success causes you to puff up your shoulders, with such great confidence


Haughtiness  is you, it makes your heart pump

Stepping all over others, causing them to jump


You think your life’s good, ‘cause you’ve made it to the top

All eyes are on you, no one can make you flop


But deep down inside, you’re as lonely as bird with broken wings

Searching and searching, for the next best thing


You’ve out-run all your family, and closest friends

Your triumphs are bittersweet, because you’re nowhere near the end


You’ve gain so much, yet you’ve lost everything

Contentment is not you, when greed and arrogance got the best of things


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