To make clear

~picture is not mine.
The sound of grace, what is it like? Is it as beautiful as it sounds? 

Can it sweeten my soul with words of life?

Do you hear my cries of pain?


Should I control my emotions just to stay sane?

Or perhaps speak my mind with a loud shout


Considering the options that I may face,

I’m afraid of being hurt and I don’t need anyone


Willing to give up and succumb to my flesh

Until I feel it’s too late to appeal to any justice


Am I willing to live like this? I ask myself

No, this is not me, this is not Sue


I am a fighter, I am a warrior

I refuse to live a life of hopelessness


 Words of  life, being spoken into my life

The desire to change has overwhelmed me


Yes, I choose life instead of death

I choose the positive over the negative

 I am a survivor. I am happy to live and move forward…


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