Attracted to You

I sense the attraction and it’s getting me overworked

Do you feel the same or is it just all in my head?

Imagination, it’s a crazy thing–especially with me

My mind is wondering and it won’t stop unless it’s appease

Every time I close my eyes, I see your wonderful face

The attraction is so strong that I can’t seem to erase

I see you across the room looking over yonder

The look you gave and it got me to wonder

You’re thinking the same thoughts, this I know it’s true

Confess it to me baby because I really want you to

Your body language says it all

Give us a chance, is that so wrong?

I’m walking on cloud nine because of you

This attraction of mine is quite beautiful – it’s true

My heart is skipping erratically, can’t you see?

I’m going crazy baby answer me please

It’s so intense, it’s a feeling that’s going to blow

Take a chance baby and see where it goes

Let’s take this chance, it’s time to see

What this feeling means to you and me

I am captivated by your charm

I’ve only got good intentions and I mean no harm

I can’t promise you forever because I can’t see ahead

Let’s do this baby and see how far where it will lead


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