~Picture is not mine, I just added the quote. 🙂


Daily deeds of kindness will not go wrong

It will only make your heart smile


Have you ever read a bedtime story to a child?

Or have bought lunch for a friend lately?


Mary, Jesus’ friend, poured oil all over His feet

and wash it with her hair; it was a sign of love for a friend


There’s a child with no dad in your neighborhood that has never been to the movies or a ball game,

Would you be willing to take him or her out for a movie or ball game night?


They don’t have money for drinks or popcorn

and all you get from them is a cheerful smile of joy


Have you ever bought coffee for a stranger at Starbucks?

Or look at the cashier in the eye and said hello to them by their first name?


Have you ever loan money to someone and never expect it back?

Remember, when you lend to others, God will repay you back


Acts of kindness, it never goes awry

When was the last time you thought of someone else?


Humility is what counts in the end

Love others more than yourself, God sees your heart and intentions


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