Go on, enjoy your life

~picture is not mine


Enjoy your life everyday

Worries can worry itself

Eat all the food you want

Take an early morning stroll in your neighborhood

Sit at the park and watch the sunset


Say hello and smile at a stranger

Live your life wonderfully

God made us living beings, not boring beings

Appreciate His creations; He’s so proud of it

Smell those freshly cut grasses


Lay on the grass and look up at the blue sky

Cook something you’ve always wanted to eat

Wear a smile on your face and not a frown

Take a trip down town and people gaze

Listen to new music and dance like a silly person


Just live. Life’s too short to mope around.

Stop running errands for one day and just live.

Take your love ones and go cherry picking.

Go on, get off your computer right now and live.

I dare you.


Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


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