Maybe it’s love that makes me this way
Maybe I feel too much about everything and that’s why i get hurt sometimes
Maybe I’m too transparent and my honesty scares others away, cuz i suck at lying
Maybe I like to discuss about the books i have read verses gossiping about others
Maybe I’m too passionate about the God i serve and i live out my faith
Maybe i wear my heart out on my sleeves, but i’m excited that i have the ability to love at all
Maybe i care too much about others that i’d lose sleep over them or even dream of them
Maybe i’m a prude who is proud of her purity
Maybe i just like to randomly laugh out loud and just be me all the time
Maybe i am wrong, but i do accept corrections and is willing to change
& maybe I like to keep a diary and journal out my feelings about everything that’s in me
But do know this, i’m happy, i really am happy and i like these ‘maybes’ about me
~picture isn’t mine. 🙂

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