I and Me


~picture isn’t mine.

I’m resting in the arms of my heavenly Father

I’ve been so tired, for so long, that I got scared

My battles were starting to drown me

I cried out and my Father heard and picked me up

I cry in His arms and He listens


I realize again and again that I can’t do it alone

God mapped out a plan for me, I’m His creation

My life is in His hands, cupped and ready to serve, I am

I know that His grace is abundant, I know

I’m choosing Him and letting my struggles go


I’ve been traveling on this lonely road for so long

But now, I’m letting God take control

To free me from the bondages of my ugly desires

I’m going to be still and listen

I will prepare my heart and listen to God’s will


Merciful is He, the Rock of my being

The tower of my refuge, my strength

Only He can save my soul, only He can see

The God of this universe, the creator of all

This God of mine, Oh God of Israel


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