Can’t Hide, What’s Inside

~picture is not mine. ^_^

You can’t hide, what you have inside

It’s just one of those things, that just doesn’t fly

The words from your mouth, truly reveals

The truth that’s been hiding, all that you have concealed

Good or bad, everything is out and about

Take a moment to think, before you speak out loud

Can’t take back those words, you’ve already spoken

There is no such thing as a secret, that has not been cracked open

Words do hurt deeply, when they’re spoken carelessly

Meant it or not, your heart revealed it’s true feelings

You best believe, that there are secret watchers

Don’t need no drama, don’t need no followers

The state of one’s heart condition, can tell all tales

Make sure your story doesn’t add up, to be superficial and stale

Stand up in integrity and be careful with what you feed into your mind

Learn from your past mistakes, and start seeing others in kind

What you take in, is usually what you’ll project

Words subconsciously spoken, can leave you destroyed and dejected


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