No one who cares

My emotion has stopped, nothing else make sense

Everything that I aim for is blocked, I am completely tense


Told to heed words of wisdom, so that I should be safe

But nothing wholesome is left, not even a trace


My heart is bleeding; I can’t seem to stop this pain

Safe from what I ask myself, again and again?


Safe from the lack of motivation, and the lack of dreams

But the environment I’m left in, leaves me no sanity


Images obscured, and no fine line define

Like a dark valley path, that has no way, I feel confine


Dead end is blatant, when I try to get out

Help, help me, I don’t know where the light begins


Everyone around me, has no face or a voice

Possibilities are many, but there are no choices


No one seems to care, if I die or drown

Drowning in this misery, with an ugly upside down crown


I’m stuck, I’m glued, there’s no way out for me

Help me to understand, so that I’d be out of this misery


Trying to make sense of things, so that I can hang in this game so tight

Illusions are met, and all I need are honest answers, not a fight


Everywhere I turn, I see growing cancers

Ugly, obscured death, that speaks louder and louder


Cancers of hopelessness, and impossibilities of plenty

Quick quick, get me out of this tragedy


I’m sinking in this forbidden quick sand

I need a rope to climb me, out of this madness that I don’t understand


How can I show my face to the world, and keep up the status quo?

The girl who fell down, and never found her way through


My brown skin, is only the color that you see

Did you not look deeper inside, aside from the color of me?


 My ignorance is gaining power, and it’s clouding my judgment

I can’t see the pain, that I’ve allowed to take over me


Allowed it to fester on my, personal character trait

I’ve wasted time and now, I have nothing left but complaints


Looking in the mirror, and I see myself for what I am

I’ve been feeding on poison of lies, and now I’m left empty again


All I needed was someone, to direct me in my path

But all I got were nonsense gibberish, of what I can’t


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