~picture isn’t mine. this poem was inspired by Casting Crowns from the song Slow Fade.

With our eyes, be very careful with what we choose to see

Because what we see, inspire the mind to think conclusively

With our ears, yearn to listen to words of wisdom and not of rubbish

Because what we hear, can provoke our actions to either sin, or set us free

With our feet, choose to follow the pathway that leads us to life, and not death

Because where we set foot, can either cause us to stumble, or lead us to victory

With our lips, we need to speak words of love, life and truth

Because if we don’t, how can we say  that we’re a follower of Jesus Christ

It’s a journey we all must take; it’s up to you to either choose life or death

Because in the end, nothing matters but Jesus Christ, you either walk with God or against God


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