Apologies Never Spoken

~picture is not mine and this poem was inspired by authors Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas from the book the Five Languages of Apologies. enjoy! ^_^

We usually don’t apologize and that’s a fact

Relationships were never real; it was all just an act

Resentment still lies underneath our surfaces

Jaded is the feeling that we feel and allow to take place

Excuses is the easiest way to avoid the pain

A person who is numb to their feelings will never receive gain

Emotional detachment is what we use to shield our self

Pride is the enemy of every living man; no one to blame but himself

Continue in your path and you will surely see

Destruction will come knocking on your door and now you can’t flee

Start facing the truth; you aren’t always right

If you can’t admit your failings, then you can never understand this life

What an obtuse way of living…all this strife

Delete your pride and humble yourself for once in your life



Open your eyes and see the damages you’ve done

Apologies never given by you and now you’re left with none

What an infamous tit-for-tat approach to life

You think that you’re doing fine but your soul is crying out why?

The clock is ticking and you still haven’t said you’re sorry

You’ll never be happy unless you start understanding all the reasons why

His fault, her fault, grow up and stop shouting

Life’s too short, so stop bickering and start living

Stop being self-righteous and value all that you have

This world is full of imperfections, everyone is so argumentative

Recognize within yourself that you want better in this life

Take a chance and sorrowfully admit your wrongs

Sincere apologies usually soften a hardened heart

Relationships can be repaired and you’ll start to believe again

Two simple words clearly spoken is worth more than thousand ugly word

Joy will start rushing in your heart like a stamped of horses rushing through the wind

Remember this, that unspoken apologies is deadly, it’s a fact

Love is selfless, do you understand that?


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