~picture is not mine and this poem is a little deep.

Highlights and fame is the name of your game

No one else matters as long as you get your name

Pursue with all your might to get what you want

Compromise your integrity just so you can  flaunt

Beauty is only skinned deep if that’s all you want to see

Inside is as rotten as the trash that has been swept freely

Blinded by the spirit of greed and all the same

Stepping on the souls of other without any shame


Money and fame is good you tell yourself daily

Survival of the fittest is your moral philosophy

Forgot you had a past that has made you the person today

Spontaneous charity events keep your true feelings at bay

Cover up the spots in your souls that has been slowly deteriorating

Nothing else makes sense when you’re steadily achieving

Achieving the goals of your life coveted dreams

Triumph is all you see down this beautiful river stream


Make it last as long as you can in this race

Disfigure your body and face just to keep yourself in place

Compliments of your person is what keeps you going

Run this race with a lethal weapon that has kept you smiling

You don’t care that inside you’re slowly dying

The crown you’ve been wearing is slowly slipping

You’ve reach the game over status and you are losing

So you keep on pretending that you’re still winning


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