A beautiful woman is:

~ picture is not mine.

I want to be a woman of Proverbs 31, she’s beautiful.

She’s humble and sweet and knows her worth

Her Husband is proud of her  & her children love her

Most of all, she fears the Lord above all else

She’s a virtuous woman who doesn’t eat the bread of idleness

She’s always busy and on the go, but never does she forgets her family

With her busyness, she still has time to serve others

She has an unselfish heart, and willing to share with others generously,

A heart of unselfish service that has been transformed by Christ

& last but not least, her heart is right with the Lord

With her trust in the Lord, she’s well equipped for whatever crosses her path

& she can laugh at danger in the face because her confidence in Christ keeps her strong

–this, is what an eternally beautiful woman looks like. She’s ready to serve without complaint.

Serving others makes her happy.

~Scriptures taken from Proverbs 31 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 ^_^


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