Delete, Type & Crash

Delete delete and type and type

Oh what fun it is to follow this hype


Nothing can stop me from ending you now

Memory overload, it’s crashed and can’t retrieve—oh wow


You’ve been erased, wiped out and out of service indeed

The server is down and you have severed all ties of deed


Should I get a new server and get a new host?

Nah, it’s too risky and complicated to build or post


Love never built on trust was always destine to crash

Deleting you is the only option I think, it’s for the best, not brash


Once bedazzled by your colorful graphics self

The memory light is gone and now there’s nothing left


My brain cells defaulting to nothing in mind

Fell once, fell twice and I knew you weren’t the kind


Zipped in and out like a electrical surcharge you were

In the end it died and I can’t find where I placed the charger


Sorry honey it’s gone, you missed the chart

Askew was you, ‘cause I was never on your heart


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