The girl of your dreams – right?

What is it about her that keeps you spurred?

Is it her beauty or the length of her skirt?

You’re so consume with the way she looks

She has all the packages that’ll keep you hooked

Lips so red that you couldn’t resist

She’ll pull out her venom tongues and give you a hiss

Ensnared by her poisonous blinding words

You forsake all others and ate up all that she’s worth

Those assets of hers could make you weak

Are you ready to break down and  weep?

Will you be satisfied with her shallow heart?

She could eventually break you apart

Not knowing her inside could be a problem

Do you notice the scar she wears on her forearm?

Lost in the waves of sensual attraction

You’ve been lured into her deepest darkest dungeon



Love is blind, reasons don’t make sense

Keep pursuing her charms and you’ll end up all tense

Initially it began as an amusement to you

Now you’re hooked and you can’t seem to move 

You’ve fallen under her seductive plans

In so deep just by her hypnotizing glance

Her beauty so sweet you just couldn’t resist

Her loveliness surpasses all and continues to persist

She’s lied and used her appeals to rob you blind

She’s taken all your dreams and now she’s taken your entire mind

Commitments were voiced between you two

And now you realized it was all a ploy and you don’t know what to do

The truth is out and now you’re trapped

You’ve been forewarned and now you can’t back-track

Lessons learned and you’re left in pain

Troubles so deep that you won’t open up again

She’s left you for dead and is intent on another bait

This is what happens when you didn’t take the time to wait

Fatal attraction that was destine to fail

Kiss your dream girl goodbye or else you’ll be frail, frail, frail…

~The picture is not mine but the poem is. 🙂


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